Good Health is the Ultimate Wealth!  Get Healed at

The Book

Together, Robin and Dave join their insight and diverse experience to bring you this book: Healed, the leading-edge collaboration that will change your life—by bringing you the secret to never ending joy, happiness and vitality.

This book is divided into four interconnected parts.

Part I: Learn what you need to know about
•  Your heart
•  Your brain
•  Your gut

Part II: Find out how to
•  Overcome depression and sadness without the drugs
•  Live longer and be happier (think coffee and chocolate)
•  Improve your sex life (think Scream Cream)

Part III: Teaches you how to
•  Stop dieting and yet lose weight
•  Maintain a healthy weight
•  Use the secret of the floating set point

Part IV: Gives you hard evidence how dancing
•  Will keep your brain and your body young
•  Improve your social life and your love life
•  Make you a happier person

Guaranteed to inspire you to get up and start dancing!