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Healed: Health and Wellness for the 21st Century
Wisdom, Secrets and Fun Straight from the Leading Edge

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PART I: The Basics 1
1.  On Finding a Partner in Wellness
2.  The Heart
3.  The Gut
4.  The Brain

PART II: What’s New?
5.  Longevity
6.  Depression
7.  Trust Your Gut and Take Care of It
8.  Fun Foods That You Didn’t Know Were Healthy
9.  What Women Want When it Comes to Sex

PART III: The Undiet (aka The Teid Diet)
10.  I was too Fat…

PART IV: Dance Like Your Life Depends On It . . .
11.  Brain-Power
12.  Finally! A Program Just for You
13.  Heal Your Heart
14.  Finding the Right Balance—Literally
15.  Osteoporosis
16.  Dance for Your Own Good
17.  Social Anxiety? Not Any More!
18.  Breaking Good
19.  No Paining-Yes Gaining (On Mental Health and Depression)
20.  Soaring with The Eagles